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Digi-Comp 1

DIGI COMP 1 is a mechanical equivalent of an electronic digital computer. With DIGI COMP 1 one can PLAY GAMES, SOLVE RIDDLES, and DO ARITHMETIC in the same way as on a large digital computer.

DIGI COMP 1 is the first real BINARY COMPUTER, which works MECHANICALLY the same way as giant electronic digital computers, which work electrically. DIGI COMP can be considered as a small version of an actual computer. In fact, with the addition of many more parts, DIGI COMP could solve very large problems just as an electronic digital computer does. The main difference is that since DIGI COMP is mechanical it would be much slower and larger than an electronic computer. In or around 1967 E.S.R Inc came up with DIGI-COMP II, which as it's predecessor DIGI-COMP 1 was also mechanical.

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